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Hello and welcome to our very first blog post!
    Organization is a pretty hot topic right now. Marie Kondo has become a household name, and her Konmari method of decluttering is being applied to everything from closets and drawers to relationships and phone apps.
      I, for one, am thrilled to see organization, decluttering and minimalism get some well deserved limelight. Studies are showing how much clutter stresses us, actually increasing levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. Clutter increases anxiety, and is closely tied to procrastination.
        The overabundance of possessions causes us anxiety and stress, that much is clear. Making hundreds of decisions about what to do with the items in our home, especially sentimental ones, makes us tend to put off the task of organizing.
          So where to begin? Start small.
            Bathrooms are generally smaller areas our homes, and not usually a place where sentimental items are kept, so many people find this an easier area to begin decluttering.
              • Remove all of the makeup, toiletries and first aid/medicines, etc. Purge anything expired (many pharmacies will safely discard expired medications)
              • Items not necessarily expired but that are not being used-Have a stash of travel-sized items? Check with a homeless shelter, as they will often take these as donations.
              • Keep like with like, ideally in one area of the house, as opposed to splitting items up in multiple rooms. This might mean keeping one bin of dental supplies in one place, not two bins in two separate bathrooms for example.
              • Lazy Susan turntables, plastic bins and drawer dividers are well worth the investment for an organized bathroom, but small empty boxes in a drawer can work just as well! Check Pinterest for an easy DIY Lazy Susan with two cake pans and marbles.
              • Aim to keep your bathroom counter as clear and clutter free as possible, and use a tray and small bowls to keep items left on the counter isolated to one spot. This is a great time to use decorative pieces, but a simple acrylic bin works as well.
                Once you have decluttered and reorganized your bathroom items, the real fun begins! Feeling the bliss of a clear space, where needed items are easily found and put away.
                  Where should we go next?
                    Are you located in the vicinity of Fairfield County, CT and think you might want some help getting started? Contact us and we will be happy to guide you.

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                    1. Great advice! You are so good at what you do, Brandi—a true rising star! Looking forward to reading more and wishing you much success!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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