#Shorts – 5 Steps to Getting Organized


5 step plan to organizing a space


  1. Pull everything out-best to start with a clear space whenever possible. Sort items into categories, like with like.
  2. Purge and edit-go through each category and edit out what is no longer used, needed or loved.
  3. Plan- plan your space for the items that remain, based on available space and frequency of use. Keep most used items in most accessible areas. Use post-it notes for planning placement of your categories
  4. Purchase products-this should come towards the end of the process. You won’t know what products you may need until you know exactly what you need to store and where you plan to place it. You may already have what you need.
  5. Place- place products according to your plan. You may need to change the planned placement, or re-edit items to make them fit.

Enjoy your newly organized space! Less is more.

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